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VIDEO: Don’t forget to pack these 16 things!

An insight into what I can’t travel without…all the way from practical to personal and way way further. See for yourself and happy travels!

VIDEO: Travel will not solve your problems

#ChooseHappiness I know all these things have been said before, but I needed to make some sense of my own thoughts and feelings. Also, it never harms to remind ourselves of what’s important. I’d love to hear everyone’s opinion on the topic in the comment section – BUT I REMIND YOU, PLEASE BE RESPECTFUL! Making

(Čeština) 10 otázek pro Restless Child

I am so sorry, this article is only available in its Czech version

VIDEO: Bangkok – a colourful flashback

In October I got this unique opportunity to see Bangkok thanks to the Rembrandt Hotel and take part in a travel blogging conference TBEX Asia 2015. It was a week full of work and fun (mostly fun), meeting new inspiring individuals and exploring the most exotic culture I have yet seen. The video is a

VIDEO: Romania – road trippin’

One day I got a text saying “do you wanna go on a spontaneous road trip to Romania”. So I began my decision-making proccess by getting drunk in my bathtub and few days later I was sitting behing the wheel driving hundreds of kilometres towards Timisoara. This video is kinda personal. Although Romania is an

VIDEO: 5 Ways To Make the Most out of Your Hotel Stay

Iceland: tribute (the ultimate road trip)

In September 2015 I went on what was supposed to be a self-discovery trip around Iceland. Instead I joined Alan and Lola on a road trip…and things changed This video is a tribute to that trip. It was supposed to be a little different. But then I didn’t receive the footage I wanted and my

VIDEO: Low Cost Race Europe 2015

So few weeks ago me and my friend Johana participated in this competition called the LowCost Race. Basic rules: – we had 11 days (9th-20th of August 2015) – we had 25 checkpoints all over Europe – we had €90 per person max. we could spend (we could make money on the way though). We

How to travel around Europe for €0.01 only?

Watch this video to find out how to travel through Europe for very little money! It’s definitely possible, I did it, all it takes is little creativity and little balls. Do you guys have any question? Ask away!